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Lewis Center Lawn Care and Weed Control

Weed Busters is proud to offer lawn care services and weed control to Lewis Center, Ohio and the surrounding areas.

As a locally-owned and operated company, Weed Busters continues to be an invested part of the north Columbus community with our Lewis Center lawn care services. Our goal is to bring out the true potential of your lawn in Columbus, so you can enjoy both using and viewing your yard!

When you work with us, you’re more than just another customer. To Weed Busters, treating the customer right is just as important as treating the lawn right. We specialize in lawn fertilization in Lewis Center, lawn disease control and everything in between, but we also specialize in timely service, honest treatment recommendations, and fair prices. Our team is committed to helping your lawn look its absolute best, and making the process enjoyable.

Hiring a Lewis Center Lawn Care Company Saves Your Time

Having a beautiful lawn is the result of lots of work and expertise. Much more goes into it than just cutting it once or twice a week. There is lawn seeding for Lewis Center homes, fertilization, pest and disease control to keep up with. Even after all that, there may be unexplained problems you can’t figure out that stunt the growth of your lawn or create spots that don’t grow properly.

It takes a lot of time and money to keep up with all of the aspects of proper Lewis Center lawn care, and when you’re trying to do it yourself, it’s that much more frustrating when it doesn’t quite look perfect. Weed Busters understands exactly how much time and effort it takes to keep your lawn looking and feeling great, and we know where those problems stem from and how to fix them.

That’s why we want to save you that time, effort, and frustration, so you can start enjoying your lawn and skip the constant work and upkeep. When you choose Weed Busters to be your Lewis Center lawn care service company, you say yes to high-quality services, exceptional customer service, and consistent results.

Best of all, you may also be saying yes to saving money. For many of our customers, we perform high-quality lawn maintenance at a cost that is significantly lower than the cost of doing your lawn work by yourself.

Hiring Lawn Care and Weed Control in Lewis Center Saves Your Money

Weed Busters ensures your lawn care is professionally done every time, and we leave you with advice and best practices for keeping it that way. But hiring us for weed control in Lewis Center can actually save you money in addition to saving time and getting great results.

Conventional wisdom says that it’s cheaper to do your lawn care in Lewis Center yourself rather than hire a specialist, but that’s not always the case! Here’s why.

Doing your own lawn care often involves buying the seed and fertilizer yourself, and possibly even purchasing or renting expensive equipment that isn’t even professional-grade. Those are big expenses that you’re buying at retail mark-up prices, and there’s a good chance you’ll end up buying more than you need.

Because we are a professional, licensed company, Weed Busters has access to higher-grade fertilizer and seed at reduced bulk and wholesale prices, and we use professional-grade equipment that ensures those materials are being used with maximum efficiency and minimal waste.

The top-quality products we use for your lawn are only available to licensed companies, meaning we can provide a higher quality of weed control and lawn care in Lewis Center at a lower cost, and we pass those savings along to you. Since we have the supplies, equipment and experience necessary to take care of your lawn efficiently, our services often cost even less than if you were to buy the materials and do it yourself.

That means Weed Busters can save you time and money, while also providing you with a lawn you can be proud of. That’s why we’re an affordable choice for all-purpose lawn care in Lewis Center that can save you both time and money.

We have the experience and knowledge to deal with any kind of lawn care in Lewis Center, be it seeding, fertilization, pest control, disease treatment, or anything else. Our track record speaks for itself as a community-focused local Columbus company, helping homeowners and businesses alike with lawn care in Lewis Center, and throughout the central Ohio area.

Get Started with Weed Busters Lewis Center Lawn Care

We stand ready to help our customers in Lewis Center and throughout northern and eastern Columbus enjoy their lawns to the fullest without worry.

If you’re ready to see the difference it makes when you hire professional lawn services in Lewis Center, Ohio, then it’s time to call Weed Busters. 

Contact us today or get an instant quote to get started and have your lawn looking better than ever this season!

Lewis Center Lawn Care Services

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Fertilization lawn services from Weed Busters provide your lawn with the nutrients it needs! Our slow-release fertilizers promote root development, repair damage, and help to get your lawn ready for the season.

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Seeding services bring life back to the bare areas on your lawn. At Weed Busters, we offer aeration and overseeding, slit seeding, and hydroseeding services.

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Weed Control

If unmanaged, weeds can quickly and easily get out of control! Return your lawn to its former glory with weed control services from Weed Busters. Our Bexley weed control services include crabgrass weed control, broadleaf weed control, violet control, and nutsedge control.

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Disease Control

At Weed Busters, we have the products needed to get those tough and tricky lawn diseases under control.

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Core Aeration

Core aeration is a key aspect of Bexley, Ohio lawn care. Since the soil in central Ohio is made up of mostly clay and rock, core aeration allows oxygen, water, and nutrients to reach the roots and make your lawn look its best!

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Lawn Pest Control

Nothing ruins a day outside like lawn pests. At Weed Busters, we offer the proper treatments needed to remove pests from your lawn so you can get back to enjoying time outside with your family!

Customer Reviews

Weed busters has done a terrific job on my yard/lawn. The first treatment made a huge difference and I followed their recommended instructions. I highly recommend them to everyone for lawn care. They are very, very affordable too!

Deb Clay
New Albany 43054
I contacted Weed Busters through a special offer on Angie's List for lawn care. I have spoken several times to Will, the representative concerning treatment appointments, etc. I found him to be true to his word, which is very refreshing to find these days. Also, he is very qualified and knows what he is doing! I trust him to take good care of my lawn. I highly recommend this company!
Marcy Jervis
Westerville 43081
I hired Weed Busters this spring. So far, so good. My grass has never been greener or more weed-free, and I've used professional lawn care services in the past. They've been by far the best. They're comparable or lower to all their competitors in cost, and have so far been the best.

David Hedrick
Pickerington 43147

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